Immersion in Artful Snow Thoughts

The Santa Monica Museum of Art is currently featuring an exhibit that will immerse the visitor into artistic responses to snow, snow sports, and the general winter experience. The exhibit “Yutaka Sone & Benjamin Weissman: What Every Snoflake Knows in Its Heart” opened on November 21, 2013 and runs through April 5, 2014. So you have plenty of time to visit the museum and catch a whiff of chilly mountain air.

The artists had been introduced to each other at an arranged meeting at Mammoth Mountain. Since becoming friends, they collaborated for this exhibition, creating paintings, sculptures, an animatronic installation, as well as a written blog by Weissman (at


Photo of exhibit gallery at the Santa Monica Museum of Art

The exhibit invites the viewer into an immersive experience with its centerpiece of the animatronic ski lift that dominates the center of the gallery. Around this core, the other works engage the viewer with unexpected color and vibrancy, all celebrating a person’s experience of mountain snow adventures.

Art invites us to look at the world in new and different ways. And we should all take the opportunity to experience works in person and not just rely on photographic reproductions. Take the time to visit the Santa Monica Museum of Art for this exhibit.

Don’t forget that there are opportunities all around to immerse yourself in original works of art. Small galleries abound throughout the Los Angeles region. And one of those places is where the Diana Hobson Studio shares space with the Tech Studio. In this lively environment, you have the opportunity to see works such as Diana’s “Sundance” on a daily basis. Come by any time during the week.


“Sundance” by Diana Hobson


Photo of the exhibition installation by the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

“Sundance” by Diana Hobson, copyright Diana Hobson. Used by Permission.


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