Fun Facts about Vincent van Gogh

Noted Los Angeles abstract artist Diana Hobson joined the celebrations acknowledgement of the 162nd birthday of Vincent van Gogh. He was a man whose life is shrouded in mystery as it is widely renowned. The iconic post-Impressionist melancholic spirit and ecstatic … Continue reading

Exploring Color in Abstract

Many different aspects of painting contribute to the development of an artistic style such as abstract art. When an artist such as Paul Klee strikes out in their own direction, his choices add to the possibilities of new thought and … Continue reading

Claes Oldenberg and Abstract Art Versus Representative

For many ordinary citizens, the term “abstract art” covers a lot of territory, some of it works that the Art World itself wouldn’t necessarily call abstract. For instance, many people are vaguely aware of the work of Claes Oldenberg because of … Continue reading

El Greco’s Influence on Abstract Art

In the 1500s, Doménikos Theotokópoulos, an artist of Greekorigins who had been born in Crete, set out on his own artistic path, leading away from the Renaissance and taking the first steps that others would follow to abstract art. El Greco, … Continue reading

Experiencing Abstract Light

Throughout the 20th century, artists have explored more aspects of visual creativity, stretching the boundaries of what gets considered abstract art. By thinking “outside the box” about their subjects, abstract artists give viewers new ways of looking at the world around … Continue reading

Whistler Moves Toward Abstraction

Changes in artistic approaches through the ages, especially every step that moved closer to abstract art, brought high resistance. Humans are used to seeing what they are used to seeing, and they tend to find it difficult to change their … Continue reading