Holy Moses! LACMA hosts long-awaited exhibit

Among Los Angeles abstract artists, it would be safe to say that Ed Moses has been a significant figure for nearly 60 years.

Beginning with his first solo exhibition at Ferus Gallery in 1958, Moses has been ever present in L.A.’s contemporary art scene. Since that heralded beginning, Moses’ practice has centered on drawing, from his large, all-over graphite drawings of roses from the 1960s to his signature diagonal grids of the 1970s and beyond. Simply put, Moses’s work has always been grounded in graphic experimentation.

In a landmark exhibition, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is hosting the first museum presentation of the artist’s drawings since 1976!

"Rose Screen" by Ed Moses

“Rose Screen” by Ed Moses

According to the museum’s website, the exhibition – Ed Moses: Drawings from the 1960s and 70s will show off approximately 100 works from LACMA’s collection, the artist’s own holdings, and those of other museums and private collections.

Allied to this exhibit, which is covered in the cost of general admission to the museum, is Drawing in L.A.: The 1960s and 70s, which features drawings from LACMA’s collection by other Los Angeles–based artists.

Moses burst onto the Los Angeles art scene with that Ferus Gallery show in 1958 along with fellow prominent artist figures including Wallace Berman, Billy Al Bengston, Robert Irwin, Craig Kauffman, and Ed Ruscha. Over the next five decades, Moses soared to prominence, gaining attention not only throughout Los Angeles and the United States, but internationally as well.

Moses was the first to break out among his generation of artists including John McLaughlin, Richard Diebenkorn and Sam Francis. While those artists developed a more “mature” style, Moses has resisted adoption of any stylized approaches and remains to this day more experimental, allowing him to explore his own curiosities as he transcends his own knowledge of his art.

According to LACMA, this exhibition was made possible through the generous support of Violet Spitzer-Lucas and the Spitzer Family Foundation. Additional support has been provided by Dr. and Mrs. Ken Tokita.


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