Qi Baishi, “Spontaneity”, and Abstract Art

Chinese schools of calligraphy and watercolor painting give the art viewer examples of works that have an apparent spontaneity, a factor that many people connect with various styles of abstract art. One of the most prominent of Chinese artists in … Continue reading

Experiencing Abstract Light

Throughout the 20th century, artists have explored more aspects of visual creativity, stretching the boundaries of what gets considered abstract art. By thinking “outside the box” about their subjects, abstract artists give viewers new ways of looking at the world around … Continue reading

Spirituality in Abstract

Spiritual expression has long been part of the subject matter for fine art. In many cultures, the communication of a religious or spiritual feeling has informed works of art. Some of the best known works by great Masters are those … Continue reading

Fine Art in Venice, California

Since its beginnings, the ocean-front community of Venice, California has had a reputation for the eclectic. The sandy beach has drawn sun-worshippers and the vendors that serve them. But the community has also had a reputation as an artists’ colony. … Continue reading