Three Basic Categories Of Abstract Art In New York

It is enticing to see the years 1912–25 and 1947–70 as the golden periods of abstract art. And it is not wrong in saying that the present revival of abstraction is no more than a silver age.  The truth is, there … Continue reading

Unparalleled: The Norton Simon Museum

Known internationally as one of the most remarkable private fine-art collections ever assembled, the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California, is an art-lover’s paradise! Spanning a period of 30 years, Norton Simon, a wealthy industrialist gathered an unparalleled collection of … Continue reading

Arthur Dove and Abstract Art’s Beginnings

"Das de Deux Aux Verts" by Diana Hobson

One of the first American abstract painters was Arthur Dove, and his impact was such that current Los Angeles abstract artist Diana Hobson has called him “one of my favorites.” Born in 1880, Dove became part of the modernist trend in … Continue reading

Fun Facts about Vincent van Gogh

Noted Los Angeles abstract artist Diana Hobson joined the celebrations acknowledgement of the 162nd birthday of Vincent van Gogh. He was a man whose life is shrouded in mystery as it is widely renowned. The iconic post-Impressionist melancholic spirit and ecstatic … Continue reading

Exploring Color in Abstract

Many different aspects of painting contribute to the development of an artistic style such as abstract art. When an artist such as Paul Klee strikes out in their own direction, his choices add to the possibilities of new thought and … Continue reading