Franz Kline and the Land of Coal, Ice, and Steel

los angeles abstract artist-franz kline-meryon

Abstract Expressionist paintings can be deceiving. Many in the general public only see a few lines on a canvas and then assume that producing non-representational art can’t be all that hard. Franz Kline’s work is often included in discussions of … Continue reading

Edvard Munch: Explorations in Color

Diana Hobson modern art_TheScream

Edvard Munch was born and trained in Norway. He initially went to school to be an engineer, but he dropped out after the first year and enrolled at the Royal School of Art and Design of Christiania, Norway. His talent … Continue reading

Paul Klee: A Powerful Intellect With a Child’s Heart

abstract art-Comedian's Handbill - Paul Klee

To a casual observer, Paul Klee looks out from every photograph with a dour expression. He was German-Swiss, and he looks it. He had a penetrating stare, and he is always shown with his lips tightly pursed. Upon closer inspection, … Continue reading

Qi Baishi, “Spontaneity”, and Abstract Art

Chinese schools of calligraphy and watercolor painting give the art viewer examples of works that have an apparent spontaneity, a factor that many people connect with various styles of abstract art. One of the most prominent of Chinese artists in … Continue reading

Arthur Dove and Abstract Art’s Beginnings

"Das de Deux Aux Verts" by Diana Hobson

One of the first American abstract painters was Arthur Dove, and his impact was such that current Los Angeles abstract artist Diana Hobson has called him “one of my favorites.” Born in 1880, Dove became part of the modernist trend in … Continue reading

Exploring Color in Abstract

Many different aspects of painting contribute to the development of an artistic style such as abstract art. When an artist such as Paul Klee strikes out in their own direction, his choices add to the possibilities of new thought and … Continue reading

Claes Oldenberg and Abstract Art Versus Representative

For many ordinary citizens, the term “abstract art” covers a lot of territory, some of it works that the Art World itself wouldn’t necessarily call abstract. For instance, many people are vaguely aware of the work of Claes Oldenberg because of … Continue reading

El Greco’s Influence on Abstract Art

In the 1500s, Doménikos Theotokópoulos, an artist of Greekorigins who had been born in Crete, set out on his own artistic path, leading away from the Renaissance and taking the first steps that others would follow to abstract art. El Greco, … Continue reading

Whistler Moves Toward Abstraction

Changes in artistic approaches through the ages, especially every step that moved closer to abstract art, brought high resistance. Humans are used to seeing what they are used to seeing, and they tend to find it difficult to change their … Continue reading