Unparalleled: The Norton Simon Museum

Known internationally as one of the most remarkable private fine-art collections ever assembled, the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California, is an art-lover’s paradise! Spanning a period of 30 years, Norton Simon, a wealthy industrialist gathered an unparalleled collection of … Continue reading

Whistler Moves Toward Abstraction

Changes in artistic approaches through the ages, especially every step that moved closer to abstract art, brought high resistance. Humans are used to seeing what they are used to seeing, and they tend to find it difficult to change their … Continue reading

Rothko’s Transformation to Abstraction

One of the more important figures in 20th century abstract art is Mark Rothko. Drawn to the field of art in 1923, Rothko’s early instruction was influenced by the avant-garde movement, particularly in the person of his mentor, Max Weber. … Continue reading

Spirituality in Abstract

Spiritual expression has long been part of the subject matter for fine art. In many cultures, the communication of a religious or spiritual feeling has informed works of art. Some of the best known works by great Masters are those … Continue reading

Fine Art in Venice, California

Since its beginnings, the ocean-front community of Venice, California has had a reputation for the eclectic. The sandy beach has drawn sun-worshippers and the vendors that serve them. But the community has also had a reputation as an artists’ colony. … Continue reading

Abstracting From Expressionism

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has staged an exhibition about the development of Expressionism in art (June 8 through September 14, 2014). Starting with the Post-Impressionist era, the exhibit tracks the changes in artists’ outlooks and the works … Continue reading

Immersion in Artful Snow Thoughts

The Santa Monica Museum of Art is currently featuring an exhibit that will immerse the visitor into artistic responses to snow, snow sports, and the general winter experience. The exhibit “Yutaka Sone & Benjamin Weissman: What Every Snoflake Knows in … Continue reading

High Contrast

During the Renaissance, many artists began exploring the effects that they could achieve by using high contrast in their works. It began as a way of giving a greater sense of volume to objects. By increasing the sense of shadows … Continue reading