Claes Oldenberg and Abstract Art Versus Representative

For many ordinary citizens, the term “abstract art” covers a lot of territory, some of it works that the Art World itself wouldn’t necessarily call abstract. For instance, many people are vaguely aware of the work of Claes Oldenberg because of … Continue reading

Immersion in Artful Snow Thoughts

The Santa Monica Museum of Art is currently featuring an exhibit that will immerse the visitor into artistic responses to snow, snow sports, and the general winter experience. The exhibit “Yutaka Sone & Benjamin Weissman: What Every Snoflake Knows in … Continue reading

Calder and Abstraction

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art has just opened an exhibit of some works by the American sculptor Alexander Calder. Calder was famous for his mobiles, kinetic sculpture that makes the viewer experience space in a new way. The … Continue reading